Aging Gracefully

November 26, 2018
By Julianna Mullen

Here at the OA Information Exchange, we're rounding the corner to 2019 as a 10-month-old community with nearly 500 active members and some big dreams for the next year. 

One of the best parts of the last few months was the amazing feedback we recived from a member survey launched in September. The goal was to understand what our users think is going well and what could be improved, so that as we move forward, any changes we make will reflect the needs of the community. 

A whopping 96% of survey respondents said that the OA Information Exchange has information that's useful to them, and while survey bias might account for some of that number, we are thrilled that our members are finding utility in the site. 

Based on other feedback we received, we're looking to improve how information is cataloged and presented so it's easier to sort, and we also want to create more resources for educators and members of industry. 

Of course, we also want to keep growing! The OA Information Exchange is a "more the merrier" kind of place and lots of members means lots of opportunities for collaboration and exchanging ideas. The platform has truly gone global and we have returning users from 59 (!!!) countries. Ocean acidification affects every coast and ocean in our world, which means that our collaborations should be as diverse as possible. All of this is to say, we're looking forward to our continued growth, and we welcome professionals from every strata. 

In some ways, we know 2019 will be just like 2018: the OA Information Exchange will still be a place where our members can ask questions, get answers, exchange resources and meet collaborators, and our goal will still be to build resilient communities that can respond and adapt to ocean and coastal acidification. You can hang your hat on those for sure. 

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