Welcome to OAIE

February 1, 2018
By Webitects Team

We are excited to announce that a new collaboration website called the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange (OAIE) is now online and ready for beta testing! The OAIE is a joint project of the NOAA OA Program, Interagency Working Group on OA, and NERACOOS. The website will serve as a platform for a diverse group of researchers, resource managers, policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders working on ocean acidification to share information, discuss ideas, and develop new collaborations. We see it as a new tool to aid communication and sharing within your community.

We invite you to join by requesting an account. Once a member of the site, we hope you will take the time to log in and join the conversation. Your active participation and feedback is critical at this early stage of development. The site will really come alive with your contributions to make it a rich and engaging discussion space.

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Join scientists working on ocean acidification.

Membership is subject to approval and adherence to the codes of conduct.